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Exhibition Quick Facts

Welcome to ENERGY EXPO Bucharest 2024 – a beacon of evolution and progress for the energy industry. Here’s what you need to know about our exciting inaugural event:

Opening Hours

We’re ready to welcome you during the following times:

  • 9:00am – 6:00pm | Thursday
  • 9:00am – 6:00pm | Friday
  • 9:00am – 6:00pm | Saturday
  • 9:00am – 4:00pm | Sunday


Join us at one of Bucharest’s prime locations: Hala Laminor Bucharest, Romania


Metro train – 150 meters
Parking spaces –  3000+
Tram – 130 meters

Bulevardul Basarabia 256, Sector 3, Bucharest


Anticipating more than 300 innovative exhibitors, ready to showcase the latest technologies, services, and solutions in the energy sector

Exhibition Space

Our event will span across an impressive 30,000 square meters, ensuring enough space for exhibitors to present their products and for visitors to explore comfortably.

Our Motto

“Join the Evolution” – we believe in embracing change and progress. This event is not just about showcasing products, but also about promoting revolutionary ideas, fostering connections, and driving the evolution of the energy industry.

What to Expect

  • Exciting product demonstrations
  • Insightful conferences and seminars
  • Opportunities for networking
  • Knowledge sharing from industry leaders and experts

Stay tuned for more details on registration and specific programs. We can’t wait to welcome you to this groundbreaking event!

Exhibitor List

Please note: The exhibitor list for Energy Expo Bucharest 2024 is not yet available. As soon as exhibitors are confirmed, they will be listed here. Stay tuned!

Exhibition Segments

At ENERGY EXPO Bucharest 2024, we understand the broad spectrum of the energy industry and how each sector has its own distinct role and innovations. To give due importance to each segment of this vibrant industry, the Expo is divided into various exhibition segments. Each segment highlights a different sector of the industry, showcasing the latest advancements, products, and services it has to offer. Here are the exhibition segments that visitors can explore:

  • PV Solar Cells and Modules
  • Balancing Systems and Inverters
  • PV Monitoring and Control Technologies
  • Integrated PV Solutions for Buildings
  • Autonomous and Off-grid Systems
  • Installers and Integrators of Solar Panels
  • PV Production Technologies
  • Manufacturing Equipment for Solar Components
  • Automation and Measurement Technologies
  • Solar Collectors and Absorbers
  • Solar Heating and Cooling Solutions
  • Solar Heat Production Systems
  • PV Systems for Residential and Commercial Buildings
  • Independent and Large-scale PV Installations
  • Operation and Maintenance Solutions for Solar Power Plants
  • Renewable Hydrogen and Ammonia
  • Clean Fuels (e-fuels, Green Ammonia, SAF)
  • Battery Energy Storage Technologies
  • AI and Digitization in the Energy Sector
  • Electric Vehicles and Infrastructure
  • Engineering and Consulting Services
  • Energy Research and Development
  • Energy Certification and Testing
  • Education and Training in the Energy Field
  • Heat Recovery and Ventilation Systems
  • Solutions for Smart Homes and Automation
  • Efficient Heating and Cooling Technologies
  • Financing Solutions and Subsidies for Energy Projects
  • Insurance and Risk Management Solutions
  • State Initiatives and Regulatory Authorities

Each of these segments will provide visitors with an in-depth view of the specific sector, giving them a comprehensive understanding of the current state and future potential of the energy industry. Whether you’re a professional in the field, a business owner, an investor, or an energy enthusiast, you’ll find these exhibition segments highly informative and inspiring.

Parallel Events

ENERGY EXPO Bucharest 2024 is more than just an exhibition; it’s an opportunity to learn, connect, and share ideas with the best and brightest in the energy industry. As part of our commitment to fostering a vibrant and comprehensive exchange of knowledge, we are excited to host a series of events alongside the main exhibition.

Energy Innovations Conference

This conference will bring together leading experts and thought leaders from around the world to discuss the latest innovations and future trends in the energy industry. The agenda will feature keynote presentations, panel discussions, and breakout sessions on a wide variety of topics.

Sustainable Mobility Workshop

This workshop is dedicated to promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation solutions. It will feature presentations on the latest technologies and trends in the field, including electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, and new models of mobility.

Energy Efficiency Symposium

This symposium will provide an in-depth look at strategies and technologies for improving energy efficiency in various sectors. It will cover topics like energy-efficient building design, industrial energy efficiency, and the role of AI and data analysis in energy efficiency.

Renewable Energy Forum

This forum will highlight the most exciting advancements and prospects in the field of renewable energy. Speakers will present on topics such as the future of solar and wind power, the potential of geothermal and tidal energy, and the role of renewable energy in achieving sustainability goals.

Start-ups Pitch Session

This event will give promising start-ups in the energy sector a platform to present their innovative products and solutions to a panel of industry experts and investors. It’s a fantastic opportunity for start-ups to gain exposure, receive feedback, and potentially secure investments.


Networking Event

Held at the end of each day, these events provide the perfect opportunity to relax, meet fellow attendees, and create valuable connections. Who knows, your next big opportunity might come over a casual conversation!

Each parallel event is designed to provide a deep dive into a specific aspect of the energy industry, promoting a comprehensive understanding and stimulating discussions. Whether you’re a professional, a student, or simply an energy enthusiast, our parallel events are a valuable addition to your ENERGY EXPO Bucharest 2024 experience.